Satisfaction & Quality

At Star Valley Medical Center, our mission is to provide our community with compassionate, quality health care. What does that mean? It means that we serve our community with excellent patient care, a personal touch, and quality that is proven when measured against state and national benchmarks. We want you to know you can trust us to provide care that meets and exceeds the clinically appropriate standard, in a manner that is warm, friendly, and caring. While no hospital is perfect, we strive for perfection in all we do.

In years past, healthcare consumers had no way of knowing if the hospital they used met the quality standards. However, over the last decade health care has become more transparent. Today it is fairly easy to research how your community hospital is doing relative to national standards.

Star Valley Medical Center works diligently to provide quality patient care. Below are some of the actions we take to support our mission.

  • We review our quality measurement data on a consistent basis and report to a hospital-based quality and compliance committee.
  • With the assistance of HealthStream we survey patients from our emergency room, inpatient, and outpatient surgery.
  • We routinely share our performance data with our staff, and work closely with staff to ensure we keep our scores high.
  • Quality measures are shared with our board of trustees.
  • We have a review nurse who evaluates the patient charts to ensure each measure is met.
  • Our quality measurement data is shared with several state, national, and governmental agencies to post for the public to view.

How can I learn more? 

Hospitals across the country are measured and compared by Medicare on their website Hospital Compare.  This is an invaluable tool for consumers to utilize when making decisions, similar to comparing two or three products to make a purchase choice.  Just as a consumer would compare items of similar type ( apples to apples) it is also good to realize that hospitals have different types. There are acute care hospitals, critical access hospitals, teaching hospitals, children’s hospitals, etc.  The types of hospitals are determined by the size of the organization and the purpose they serve. Star Valley Medical Center is classified as a Critical Access Hospital or CAH.

Star Valley Medical Center participates in two price reporting websites:  Wyoming – and Utah –  These websites provide health care consumers basic, facility-specific information about services and charges.  At this time, Idaho does not employ a price reporting option for Idaho hospitals.

One thing to note when comparing hospitals is the time lapse between when hospitals report data and when it is publicly posted. This delay is because all hospitals, nation-wide, must wait for state and national statistics to be compiled before posting quality data for a given period.