Working for SVMC is great!  I would highly recommend SVMC to anyone as an amazing company to work for.  I know that my supervisor respects me and values my thought and opinions, his door is always open and I am more than comfortable walking into his office to share any of my thoughts, concerns, or questions.  My co-workers actively care about my wellbeing and have become line an extended family.  Since relocating to Star Valley I feel like I’ve been embraced by the local community and I’m grateful to call Star Valley my new home.  

  • Tory, Registered Dietitian

I have worked at SVMC for three years, and it has been a great organization to work for!  The hospital promotes teamwork in all departments to help optimize patient care and to give this community the best care possible.  I couldn’t ask for better colleagues and co-workers in the therapy department.  It is exciting to be part of the growth and expansion of SVMC, and the valley, people, and patients have made a great impact on my life!  

  • Jessica, Physical Therapist

I love working at SVMC because of the people!  The people I work with are some of the most caring most compassionate people I have ever met.  In this field that is who you want to be working with.  I love how SVMC looks out for each other and for the entire community!  

  • Janice, Clinic Admissions

I love where I work and what I do!  I love visiting with the patients, and I absolutely love working with such amazing people!  Our doctors and our medical support staff here are the best.  I am also very grateful for the wonderful insurance benefits we have.  Star Valley Medical Center is a great place to work, and a wonderful family to be part of!  

  • Sherie, Customer Service Representative

As an employee of Star Valley Medical Center, I can say that being appreciated is what I love the most.  The work can get hard and overwhelming in healthcare, but the staff and administration do their best to encourage appreciation and high regard for each other.  My co-workers are the best, the benefits are generous, and I love the variety of my job.  

As a patient, I love the staff at Star Valley Medical Center.  I know that when I come in as a patient, they care for me as a friend and neighbor.  I just don’t think you can get that kind of care from a big city hospital.  

  • Pam, Administrative Assistant

I choose to work for Star Valley Medical Center because I want to make a difference in people’s lives.  The reward to be able to connect with patients and help them is worth it!  The atmosphere at SVMC makes it a desirable place to want to come to work.  We have great staff, and great doctors.  SMVC is not only the community hospital, but my hospital.  

  • Charlotte, Medical Assistant

I choose to work at the SVMC Care Center because of the love and care that we give to our patients.  I love caring for the community and the support that we get is amazing.  Love this hospital and care center!  

  • Cody, Certified Nurse Aide